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Bringing Physiotherapy Services To Your Home since 2009

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We started to provide home therapy to clients / patients in Singapore, who have difficulty getting to a rehab center or prefer rehabilitation done at the comfort of their home since 2009.

Our therapists are qualified, experienced and committed to work with the clients / patients and their immediate family members to provide better quality of life to the clients / patients, their caregivers and their family members.

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Management for people with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and any other neurological conditions Also for people who may have fall risk or had experienced fall.


Goals for treatment are mainly to restore and maintain function to achieve better quality of life for the clients / patients, the caregivers and the family members.

To improve the clients / patients' quality of life through regaining functional abilities, example, moving on bed, getting up from bed, sitting up, standing up, walking etc...

We also treat patients who are bedridden and requires regular chest therapy to prevent chest infection.



Had a fall? Suffered from fractures? Had a joint replacement?

Management for people with muscles and joints problems, and people requiring post-operation rehabilitation. Treatment includes strengthening, stretching, joint mobilisation, exercises and massage. Example of problems includes arthritis, knee replacement, hip replacement, ankle sprain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, fractures and muscle weakness.


Teach you exercise to prevent health problems. Fall prevention and osteoporosis prevention. Weight Management Program.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 1pm

Sun: Closed

Call/SMS/Whatsapp us any time at (+65) 94374639.

Whatsapp is preferred.

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Hear It from Our Patients' Family

Dr Lee Tang Yin, Doctor

Jason has a way with the elderly!
My dad had been lying in bed for two months after discharge from hospital. He had lost motivation and confidence to walk.
In a mere week, Jason had gotten dad to self transfer from bed to commode chair. By the second week, dad was able to walk from the bedroom to the living room using a frame.

He can make a difference to the elderly because he believes in maximising their potential and is patient in working with them to achieve their goals.

Ms Gina Chong, Banker

I recently engaged the services of Jason in Nov/Dec to help my 90-year-old mom who required home physio following a hip replacement surgery. Not only is Jason 100% professional, meticulous, patient, encouraging, he has excellent rapport with patient and family. after a month of weekly therapy my mother's condition improved noticeably and we truly are grateful to Jason!

Mr Tong Shaochuen,
Assistant Director, NUS

Jason is a dedicated PT who understands the home environment and the constraints that come with the patient's condition. He has been my father's PT for 10 years and has also worked with my other relatives and friends. He is also very caring and a good motivator.

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